Plunging From The Ether...

Considered inter-dimensional riffraff from those in the know. Ether Oni reveals themselves in luminous forms.

From unknown tunnels, they morph into our reality via the web, in our dreams, & on rare occasions they make an earthly appearance.

What Is
Ether Oni?

The Ether (A.K.A. The element of potentiality) is where humans can better connect with intuition & their spirituality.

The Oni (A.K.A. Inter-dimensional tricksters) help or hinder human innovations by tinkering with the creative process. 

Some reports found that entering the Ether is as easy as staring into a crevasse where two corners meet and crossing their eyes, which opens a portal.

Ah-Hah! experiences

Invention Of The Wheel
4th millennium BC

Invention Of The Compass
2nd Century B.C. – 1st Century A.D

Invention Of The Printing Press
Between 1440 – 1450 BC

# Of Known Species

The denizen of Ether Oni is still unknown.

We may never know the true number of variations, but reports suggest around 72.

Resides In..

The Spirit Dimension:
The traditional way of connection.

The Dream Dimension:
The opaque tunnel of connection.

The Data Dimension:
The secondary tunnel of connection.

How Do The Communicate?

Ether Oni communicate in various ways; such as sign language, telekinetically, & through interpretative dance.